Sheral A Hyde, Attorney at Law Sheral A Hyde, Attorney at Law

Welcome to The Law Offices of Sheral A Hyde, APC

For 25 years, I have practiced law in Southern California.  I specialize in handling Family Law Cases including child custody, visitation and support issues, paternity matters, spousal support and marital settlement agreements.  Limited Scope representation available.

I prepare individualized Estate Plans including Revocable Living Trusts, Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney for Healthcare and for Asset Management; and handle Probates.

I also handle criminal cases including DUI, Traffic Tickets, Misdemeanors and Felonies.

What Makes Attorney Sheral A Hyde Different. I HONESTLY ENJOY THE PRACTICE OF LAW.  I love helping people; I love making sure my clients get the right answers for them, within their means, and within their comfort zones.  While the law can be complex and confusing, I specialize in making it understandable to you.  


I specialize in protecting each of my clients!  I care about all my clients and their own particular problems or issues. My over 25 years of experience and specialized legal knowledge guarantee tailor-made, targeted solutions for your problems.  



I handle FAMILY LAW cases including Dissolution [divorce]; Child Custody, Visitation and Support Orders; Spousal Support; Division of Community Assets and/or Debts; Paternity Issues; and Modification of Prior Orders.

TRUSTS AND ESTATE PLANS.   EVERYONE NEEDS AN ESTATE PLAN.  You might need a full Revocable Living Trust, or perhaps just a Will.  Durable Powers of Attorney for Healthcare and Asset Management are necessary for anyone - no matter your age or current health concerns - because life is uncertain!  


I draft specifically focused Revocable Living Trusts, handle Probates, and Trust Adminstrations.